Faucet Documentation - Read the Docs

Faucet Documentation - Read the Docs

Faucet Documentation Faucet Developers Apr 11, 2018 Contents 1 2 User Documentation 1.1 Introduction to Faucet . . . . . 1.2 Tutorials . . . . ...

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Configuration. Please see the configuration guide _ for documentation regarding the general configuration of faucet and the recipe book _ for configuration snippets for common use cases.

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Takes up to 20 minutes. switch (config)# vlan 2-2047 tagged 1-47,49-52 // Configure DNS. Here DNS is set to a local LAN DNS server switch (config)# ip dns server-address priority 1 OpenFlow configuration. Aruba switches reference a control

Configuration. Please see the configuration guide for documentation regarding the general configuration of faucet and the recipe book for configuration snippets for common use cases.

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See wildcard and regexp queries for details. Fuzziness: You can search for similar terms: ssh logni~ source:exmaple.org~. This example is using the Damerau–Levenshtein distance with a default distance of 2 and will match “ssh login” and “exam