Selected Areas Of Difficulty In Staging Of Endometrial ... - uscap

Selected Areas Of Difficulty In Staging Of Endometrial ... - uscap

SELECTED AREAS OF DIFFICULTY IN STAGING OF ENDOMETRIAL CARCINOMAS. W Glenn McCluggage Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Belfast United Kingdom A...

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TO DISCUSS. • issues in typing of endometrial cancers. • distinction between endometrial and cervical adenocarcinoma (PITFALLS IN IMMUNO PANEL). • MELF pattern of myometrial invasion. • assessment of lymphovascular invasion ...

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Feb 6, 2014 - endometrial carcinoma but not a detailed description, for which the reader is referred to ...... MELF invasion in endometrial cancer as a risk factor for lymph node metastasis. Histopathology. 2011;58:966–973. 34. Geels YP, Pijnenborg

Putative precursor of serous carcinoma. • Flat highly atypical lesion on the endometrial surface and/or within glands replacing the original epithelium. • May occur in endometrial polyps. • May be associated with extensive extrauterine disease

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D.K. High AGR2 is a feature of Low Grade endometrial cancer and is ... Draper, H., Kamal, A.M., Valentijn, A.J., DeCruze, S.B., Stringfellow,. H.F., Martin-Hirsch, P., Hapangama, D.K. Prognostic value of SOX9 in endometrial cancer. ...... and fragmen

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A prospective assessment of the reliability of frozen section to direct intraoperative decision making in endometrial cancer. Gynecologic ... 11. Uterus: Myometrial invasion. MELF invasion. • Microcystic elongated and fragmented pattern of myometri

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